Weird Experience Traveling to Da Nang

Da Nang, for a long time, has proved itself to be one of the most attractive destination for tourists whenever coming to travel to Vietnam. With its unstoppable improvement especially mainly focus on tourism, Da Nang city nowadays appeal an enormous amount of visitors each year. Therefore, let us show you some interesting, weird things to do but quite outstanding and unique things to do when staying in Da Nang so that you can have such a wonderful time there enjoying numerous things!

double decker bus city tour da nang

1. Join in a double decker bus tour

Tourists have got used to traveling by car with a tour guide. But have you ever gone in a open bus tour in Vietnam? The answer might be no. But it’s not for Danang. Now, a double decker bus tour is available there since the official launch of the omnibus at the end of August 2017. Up to now, tourists can experience two routes with the double decker bus. Once is from Danang International Airport through the city center and ends at the Southern region with 25 stops. The second one starts from Danang International Airport through Northern city, passing by Son Tra Peninsula with over 18 stops. The special thing is that now you do not need to only sit for hours and boringly look out of the window to view the street. You can breath the fresh air by going upstairs and enjoy many benefits of this bus such as mini bars and sensor screen system displaying multi.

2. Enjoy Danang International Fireworks

Held annually at the end of April, Da Nang International Firework is an event that your should not miss especially those traveling to Danang city around this time. Because it only takes place once in a year, it gather from three to four international competitors together with the host Danang city organizing enormously and amazingly. Having to say, tourists can have a chance to experience a colorful party of fireworks shooting simultaneously on Han River, which is best seen every by night. Beside the firework performance, photo exhibition, art display and water sports are shown to everyone, creating one of the most interesting moment of Danang ever in a year that visitors would hardly find if they travel out of this time.

3. Visit Danang Love Lock Bridge

love lock bridge da nang

Here comes the time for couples! You would fall in love once coming here. Simple with the decoration of hearts hung every where, day and night, the Danang Love Lock Bridge is considered an ideal place for couple to convince and tighten their love. Padlocks include names, initials and messages of affection which are put on the bridge as a witness of a deep love of couples. Therefore, if you go with your partner, ready to keep their a love lock and your love will be tighten more!

4. Relax by the Onsen Bathing

It’s time for relax after such exciting trips. Than Tai hot spring is place looks like Japanese style but it’s Japanese Vietnamese concept. Onsen bathing tower is covered by Thanh Long and Bach Ho mountains, behind is Ba Na mountain. There are 2 private zones for men and women with the capacity of 100 people separately. It would not be wrong to say that you are in such a water paradise where you can totally release all the stress and just enjoy these rare moment!

onsen bath nui than tai

5. View Danang from a helicopter

If Nha Trang has the paragliding activity which appeal a lot of tourists, Danang has its own way. Now you can also view the panoramic view from the sky but with a helicopter instead! Starting from Nuoc Man airport to the Marble Mountains, you will have a chance to view the amazing, wonderful image of Danang city when looking down through the window of the helicopter. The price, of course, can cost a little bit high. But eventually, it’s worth trying once in a lifetime, isn’t it.