A museum of unique architectural ensemble – Vinahouse Space

Vinahouse Space is a unique architectural ensemble consists of the old houses have been collected and restored fairly intact, featuring the unique architecture of the different regions of Vietnam. There are 3 main areas: the museums, handicraft villages and Food & Beverages. The Museum Area exhibits traditional beam house preserved featuring Vietnam House’s architecture. Besides, the craft artisans from handicraft area will give you an unforgettable and hand-on experience. And the food & beverage area is where guests enjoy rustic specialties, traditional cuisine flavor.

vinahouse space hoi an

The Museum

Visit the Museum of the Vietnam space, you can admire the collection of the architecture of the three regions, the details of old houses, farming tools and antique furniture.

The space museum houses antique collectibles and three regions are successfully restored, layout facilitate visitors. This is also the main space to make up the highlights of Vietnam architecture. Uniqueness, creativity is also reflected in the division of the display area according to the location of each region, each carries its own unique architecture, the museum creates space diversity in unity.

Vinahouse Meseum

Old house over 200 years old, is the only house in Quang Nam with the largest size, as well as the largest pillar – 108 pillar. Vinahouse Space also has the distinction of wood sculpture elaborately meticulous with stylized motifs subtly. You will have the opportunity to explore the ancient architecture massive, with rare poisonous technical virtuosity buildings and wood sculpture reached a climax of the skillful craftsmen more than two hundred year ago.

Vinahouse Meseum

Bamboo House 2, bottles of Quang Nam 1, the house was restored which dating back 102 years, exhibits many agricultural tools such as baskets, millstones, mortars, bamboo beds, arranged in logical layout, express intentions art ancient architecture.

Vinahouse Meseum

Family home is a unique type of architecture in Vietnam was also present at the museum’s space. The house was reconstructed again, placed on semicircular pool in a central location the northern village entrance right by the architecture of its capital.

Space Museum is to store 2000 ancient artifacts are preserved and exhibited in the old three-domain architecture with bold architectural beauty in the art of Vietnamese ethnic groups such as farming tools are collectibles of 3 Northern, Central and Southern. In addition, wooden furniture products incomparable in Vietnam are also on display here.

Handicraft area

There are conserving 2 traditional villages and rustic villages which are coated noodles Quang village. In one corner Vinahouse Space, carpentry village artisans Van Ha (Tam Thanh, Phu Ninh district) and Kim Bong (Jin Kim, Hoi An) carved to create products full of exquisite art. You have chance experience in wood carving stages under the guidance of the artist or his hand-made noodles Quang hot leaves.

Vinahouse Handicraft

Food & Beverages

A stop on tour is a unique model combining stops – food – shopping – museums and traditional villages of Quang. The restaurant is nicely tapered stylized folk architecture immersed in beautiful natural space, creating a harmonious overall space, and traditional Vietnamese folk, promise to bring you interesting experience and wonderful relaxation.

Vinahouse Handicraft

Getting there

The Vinahouse Space is about 10km away from Hoi An old town, on the way from Da Nang to My Son sanctuary. This could be combined with a visit to My Son sanctuary or Hoi An tour. It would be a stop for your meal and explore the unique architecture of traditional house of Vietnam, hand-on experience of cooking skill, making crafts and relaxing.