Best time to visit Da Nang

Da Nang city is on-the-rise destination and has now become one of the most attractive cities in Vietnam which you might wish put on your list with stunning beach, luxurious resorts, UNESCO world heritage sites close-by  and friendly people. If you are wondering when is the best time to visit Da Nang, we share below some information that might help you to plan your perfect trip to Da Nang.

da nang beach bird view

Da Nang like other in tropical country has two main seasons: rainy season from September to November and dry season from December to August. The rains are usually heavy and can last a few hours. However don’t be anxious as the weather is not always bad in this season except stormy days, most of time the weather is still sunny and temperature ranging from 20-30 degree Celsius. If you want to go to Da Nang for a summer vacation and beach water activities, it wouldn’t be a good idea to come this season. The rainy season is also low season for traveler to Da Nang, if you are on a tight budget, you might travel in low season and also can avoid crowded group of tourists. So in the low season, time from January to February is the wonderful period for traveling Da Nang.

lang co beach

Da Nang doesn’t get as hot or cold as other parts of Vietnam. Occasionally, there are some time of cold weather but it is not strong and long-lasting. The dry season is also the high season. The peak season is from May to the end of August – this is also the high time for domestic tourists coming to Da Nang. The temperature fluctuates from 32-38 degree Celsius, it only gets its peak for few hours in the noon, then it drops down so you can enjoy the outdoors and the beach. On the other hand, the price of accommodations is much higher than it is in low season and every tourist attractions here are always crowded that you have to line up and wait for almost haft an hour.

jetski danang

If you are planning to visit to Da Nang from February to May, yes, it’s the perfect choice! These months are on dry season, so it’s not too hot and really suitable for swimming, sunbathing and other outdoor activities. Also there are barely any rains in these months. The weather is dry and sunny all day, so it’s really comfortable to go out and explore the city. Hence, this is definitely the best time to visit Danang city. Also, this period of time is usually the moment when many festivals are held. In April, the city organzies an international firework competition. In June there is an arrival of a beach festival featuring plenty of water sports activities along with cooking demonstrations, parties and cultural performances of the city.