Basket Boat ride – An unique experience in Hoi An

Hoi An, inside mind of every tourist, is all connected to the ancient houses, fade walls, old streets, antique beauty and such tranquil and peaceful space here. Coming to Hoi An these times, you should try a new type of e-co tourism: Riding a basket boat (thung chai) in Hoi An; because it is not only an interesting experience but also a wonderful trip for you.

basket boat in Hoi An

In the Hoi An e-co tour, waterways places like Bay Mau coconut wood, Phuoc Trach fishing village, Doai River or Co Co River are “ideal destinations” for you to experience a basket boat. Proud of a “southern feature inside the ancient Hoi An” – the Bay Mau coconut wood in Cam Thanh commune owns the plain and simple beauty of a rural waterway region with verdant coconut chains and deep blue channels. Step up on a basket boat, learn how to control it, feel the immense green coconut wood as well as the poetic surroundings, watching the birds flock flying above, looking at the fish herds swimming under the deep clear water, spotless white ducks wallowing in the stream, listen to the hissing wind, the murmur sound of water under your oars, etc, you will recover the peaceful moment, clear all sadness and worry, and make your mind so light, so.

basket boat race

In this tour, you will have change to lure yourself into the bustling and jubilant competitions of basket boats, see how the boatmen shake the “thung chai” with eventful and hilarious dances on those boats. In such enthusiastic moment, you will feel very cheery and happy.

ride basket boat

Besides, friendly local people here will teach you how to throw a net on catching fish and crabs on the tranquil rivers and channels in Hoi An. They will tell you about their daily simple life, the stories connected closely to Hoi An or deep unforgettable stories about their hard time in the Vietnam war against the American troops to understand more about this land. Maybe you will love it more – the place keeping all nostalgic but a little bit sadness and indefinable feelings, which would attract any foreign tourists all over the world once coming here.

ride a basket boat in hoi an

Hoi An is still be very beautiful despite the impact of time. Nowadays, Hoi An is not only beautiful in its ancient values but also in its simple and plain landscape which is so familiar to everyone coming here to temporarily get rid of his/her burden life in the busy and bustling city, to experience interesting activities and enjoy every wonderful moment of your life which have been neglected by yourself so long time. Let’s experience a basket boat ride to be brought you back to your deep inside essence.